Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is a form of talk therapy with a therapist who specializes in sexual concerns. 


When a relationship is involved, the treatment of choice is usually a combination of couples therapy and Sex Therapy.

The goal of Sex Therapy is to improve your sexual functioning and your satisfaction.

Homework is often given to help between sessions and a speed up the therapy process. Assignments might include therapeutic exercises and practices, written worksheets or journal entries, specific reading or videos that may include appropriate sex educational materials.

Sex therapists may also work with other professionals, practitioners, and specialists to create a whole person approach to your sexual health.   

Some reasons to seek out Sex Therapy include: 

Relationship issues:

  • Trouble communicating about sexual needs
  • Improving intimate relationships
  • Recovery from affairs, divorce, domestic violence, and other losses
  • Release from sexual shame and guilt

Challenges throughout the lifespan:

  • Adolescent sexuality challenges
  • Infertility and sexuality
  • Pregnancy and postpartum sexuality
  • Sex and midlife crisis
  • Sexuality during menopause and aging
  • Sexual challenges due to disability or disease
  • Sexual orientation or gender challenges

Sexual enrichment:

  • Creating positive sexual relationships
  • Communication enhancement
  • Better intimacy
  • Sex education (See Sex Education on my Services Page)

Sexual dysfunction:

  • Low or no sexual desire
  • Difficulty with arousal
  • Orgasm challenges
  • Sexual anxieties
  • Sex related pain

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Kellie Johnsen is a relationship coach and couples therapist, serving clients in Hawaii and Nationwide            through in-person and online platforms. 

     Kellie specializes in sexuality related challenges and helps couples and individuals realize and achieve           better quality of life through improved sexual health.

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