It is very important to note that Coaching is NOT Therapy! Coaching is never intended to take the place of therapy and while coaching can be complimentary to the therapy process, it should not be considered a form of treatment for mental illness or DSM-V diagnosed condition.  

Relationship coaching can be very effective to help you find greater fulfillment in your personal or work relationships. Much like you might use a coach to train for a sport, learn an art form, or perfect a skill, a relationship coach can help you build your abilities as a partner, lover, and friend.  


Why Choose Coaching? I could probably count 100 reasons why coaching is beneficial to most people. No matter how successful, talented and overall awesome you are, the right coach can take you to the next level.

Here are a few common reasons people seek out a coach:

  • Decision Making: About 80% of my coaching clients come to me with a big decision to make. Job, location, or relationship change can all be very scary! As a coach, I help folks examine their options from many angles and identify possible pitfalls in each. When armed with the “good, bad, and ugly”, making a big decisions can be a lot easier.
  • Intimacy Skills: Our general lack of connection to others keeps us feeling isolated and withdrawn. So when the world is not going the way we know it should, we are often left without an outlet to work through this despair. Coaching is NOT for those with serious mental illness. Coaching can an effective way to learn better ways to communicate and gain satisfaction.
  • Relationships: LOVE (or lack there of) is a BIG reason for coaching! Whether you want to find the right someone or get rid of the wrong someone, or figure out why you keep choosing the same type of someone, a coach can make it easier. A a coach specially trained in challenges around sexuality and intimacy, your ability to experience passion, pleasure, confidence, and connection, are my favorite topics to support. 

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  • Goal Setting and Taking Action: You know what you want. Maybe even you know how to get there. But somewhere along the path you lose your way. Whether you just need that extra encouragement to take that first step or you want someone to be on your team throughout your journey, I am honored to support you in going from where you are to where you want to be. 
  • Accountability: One of the greatest parts of being a grown up, is not having to be accountable! Or is it? As kids, we know if we don’t do what we are supposed to, there are consequences, right? For most of us adults, we do what we have to (we go to work, pay takes, we try to be good parents and partners). But when it comes to the “stuff” standing in the way of our happiness (being healthy, becoming our own boss, setting aside time for family, strengthen our spiritual connections) we are only accountable to ourselves. A good coach holds you capable of meeting your own goals, holds you accountable for actions to get you there, and celebrates your victories. 
  • Permission: It may sound strange but we often need permission to try something new, seek out happiness, allow ourselves pleasure. We are all a culmination of our experiences. We live with the rules and myths we learned as kids. For many, that means believing we’re not good enough, important enough, smart enough, sexy enough, deserving enough. It can also mean that we are not allowed to fail or disappoint. As a coach, I can help you rewire your thinking and undue the myths that are holding you from the peace, acceptance and pleasure you deserve.

If you think Coaching might be the answer for you, Let's Chat! 

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